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Jay Henry
Jay Henry
Elementary School Principal

Fresh out of college, Jay Henry joined the United States Marine Corp. Jay flew fighter jets for about twenty years before retiring as a Major in the Marine Corp. It was while he was in the Marines that Jay came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior. 

Jay's college degree is in Education, so after retiring from the military Jay decided to go back to education. There he taught chemistry, physics, and math. At Hope International University, he taught an introduction to business econ class, as well as business administration. 

Jay was involved with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the days when Chuck Smith was the Senior Pastor. There he worked with the school holding many leadership positions over the years. Jay had been an Elementary, Junior High, and High School principal at different times. Where there was a need, he filled it. When the Superintendent of the schools left, Jay took over that position. 

When Phil Metzger became the new Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel San Diego, he asked Jay if he would come down to San Diego and help him at the church and school. Jay had worked with Phil a number of years ago. Thinking about the book of Matthew, Jay wanted to "seek first the kingdom of God." He prayed and sought the wisdom of his family and concluded, “If the Lord is in it, then who could be against it?” Jay was truly excited to work with Phil Metzger once again.

Jay came to CCA when the first semester started at the beginning of January in 2018. Being from a school with over 1,500 families, Jay was excited to come to a school where he would have a better opportunity to get to know families on a more personal level and help them reach their dreams. It is exciting for Jay to see is a school that loves Jesus. wants to perform excellence, and has a vision for missions and outreach. Jay likes that CCA is all on one campus and that the teachers and students are so friendly and love the Lord. 

Looking ahead, he is excited to see what the Lord has for all of us, as key members leave and other key members take over important positions. He would like to carry out what the school is doing now. He's very happy with the direction that school is going in and is looking forward to us enjoying the relationship with the church and the school as one entity, working together. Involving the school with the church more and having the church be more involved in the school is something that he anticipates. 


Jay Henry
Elementary School Principal
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