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From the first note to the final bow, CCA’s production of Beauty and the Beast, Jr. was spectacular. “The energy backstage was electric,” said Israel Barrera (“Lumiere”). “God gave every member of the cast a supernatural drive that made us all give an excellent performance.”

The final product was a result of several months’ work by the directors and the cast - months spent learning lines, blocking, songs, and choreography. In the last few weeks, additional help came from sound and light technicians, along with the incredible support of the CCA faculty. Generous donations by supporters of the arts allowed the cast to have outstanding costumes, props, microphones, and sets. Talented students gave finishing touches by volunteering to do makeup and fix hair. Rachel Echeverria, also an ensemble cast member, spent hours hand-crafting the Beast’s mask. “It was my first time doing that many [prosthetics],” she said. “But I would do it again, without a doubt.” All involved would agree that the time, money, and effort was worth it in the end, as this “tale as old as time” was brought to life.

Producing a musical, however, does far more than entertain an audience - it allows for personal, communal, and spiritual growth for those involved. For sophomore Amanda Alvarado (“Silly Girl)”, the reaction of her friends and family was “overwhelming.” Amanda said, “It gave me more motivation to keep going out for more of these types of shows whenever I have the opportunity.” Exchange student Yolanda Li (“Chip”) said the show “helped me build confidence.” Grace Thomas (ensemble) concurred, “This helped me to get out of my shell more and to work really hard so that I can do my best.”  And freshman Sasha Cepeda (“LeFou”) said “I made friendships with people I never really talked to before.” The Beast himself, Jack Seydel, said that “An unexpected blessing from the show was being able to help encourage others when they were disappointed in themselves.”

The response from students and parents alike has ensured this musical is just the beginning for CCA. Plans are already being made for next year’s musical (stay tuned for that announcement!). We encourage you to “Be Our Guest” and get involved next year: We have plenty of “roles” available!

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