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2016 Peru Missions Trip


The Mission

On February 10, a group of eleven students and three adults from Calvary Christian Academy flew to Lima Peru for an evangelistic missions trip that exceeded all their expectations. After landing in Lima, they met up with Pastor Raul from Calvary Chapel Pachacutec who escorted them for the next five days.  Below is a summary of each day's adventure followed by statements from some of our travelers.

Day 1

On day one we held a free community outreach through a soccer tournament where locals showed off their amazing “Fulbito” skills.  Roman Figueroa, Jessica Mireless, and Mr. Warren helped lead warm up drills. During the event, Jordan Duvall shared the gospel while Stephany Pantoja did an amazing job translating. Gabriel Ortiz and Jake Matsumoto helped serve 100 sandwiches and "gasiosas" (aka soda) to each tournament participant. Meraiah Brewster helped with children's crafts and Connor Greenawald entertained the many kids that always surrounded him. They seem to admire his height most of all!

Over 100 participants and 75 spectators cheered on their teams who competed to receive a first place prize of a very coveted Adidas soccer ball.  Our CCA students also entered the competition and placed a most honorable last. They found out that Peruvians are amazing soccer players. Every player and spectator who entered the soccer field, walked away with a gift that included Adidas soccer balls (which locals value up to $60) , Jerseys, socks, cleats, and most importantly, they heard about the greatest gift of all, Jesus our Savior.

Day 2

On day two we headed to the hills of Pachacutec where we went door to door and handed out groceries, backpacks, shoes, and prayed for families.  Incredibly, we were able to reach hundreds of people and prayed over many in need.  We came across some of the soccer tournament participants and were able to encourage them with a word of hope.

Day 3

On day three we headed to the beach where it was over 90 degrees.  We handed out over 200 water bottles to the beach clean-up employees who truly appreciated a refreshing gift.  We shared John 4:13-14 "Jesus answered, 'Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst”' and then offered to pray.  This outreach was one of the most impactful and encouraging events we experienced during our time in Peru.  People were very receptive and open to share their needs.  In the afternoon, we walked to a park nearby where we spent time with many children.  We had a chalk drawing contest where we surprised every single child with prizes, but most importantly, the gospel. 

Day 4

On day four we attended Calvary Chapel Lima and listened to an awesome message by Pastor Manolo.  His testimony was very encouraging to our group.  He shared that he was saved during a surf camp held in Lima lead by a missions team from San Diego.   The students from CCA were able to connect the dots and recognized that God uses missions teams.  In the afternoon we served at a special Valentines dinner lead by Pastor Raul from Calvary Chapel Ventanilla.  Students were waiters and helped with childcare for the couples who enjoyed a marriage conference. 

Day 5

On our final day in Peru, we did a little site seeing and spent time as a group touring Lima.  The missions team was so richly blessed by the personal experiences each and every one had.  It was  a time well spent, away, serving HIM, sharing the good news of our savior.


Personal Highlights

Gabe Ortiz, 11th grade
“Peru gave me an opportunity to act out what I believe by serving and giving. It allowed me to love all those around me and filled me with the joy of the Lord in difficult situations.”

Stephany Ramirez-Pantoja, 12th grade
“Peru impacted me mentally, spiritually, and physically and filled me with gratefulness and joy!”

Jake Matsumoto, 11th grade
“Something that I immediately realized in Peru was that I compared it to the conditions of past trips I've taken, the conditions in Peru weren’t the best. However, it was through this though God showed me that as long as His work is being done, it doesn’t matter what the conditions are or who does the work. I say this because when we do outreaches, I usually like to be the one who hands out the food or prays for someone. However God showed me that it is not about me, but about God being glorified.”

Christopher Feather, 11th grade
“I was utterly blown away by how much God met me out there; the trip was more than I could ever imagine. I met wonderful people, saw wonderful things, and got to be used and blessed by our wonderful God.  God showed me joy, built me up with courage to step out and ultimately glorify HIM and showed me what it’s like to serve Him. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will always cherish and reflect on. God really answers prayers and is amazing.”

Roman Figueroa, 11th grade
“The Peru trip was a great opportunity to exercise my faith and see how the rest of the world interacts with Christ. It was a great eye-opener and I would love to go on another mission trip.”

Connor Greenawald, 11th grade
“Peru is a country that is barely standing on its own two feet where the people are poor and the culture is thick. I loved every moment we were cooking in the hot sun whether it was evangelizing on the beach or being destroyed in a soccer tournament with the locals. The easiest way to say how Peru was for the group is "we saw God work while we sweated".

Meraiah Brewster, 11th grade
“In Peru, God definitely blessed us with the opportunity to impact countless people that otherwise may not have received desperately needed love and encouragement, and to connect with them over something they loved during the soccer tournament, which really made a difference. It was amazing to share the experience of serving God with people that I wasn't close with before, and to bond with my team over such a great common goal. God also met me personally, and gave me both greater confidence in my spiritual walk and a deeper understanding of the love God has for each and every one of us.”

Danny Warren, CCA Instructor
‚ÄčThe pastors and missionaries in Peru have a wonderful ministry going on, and I am thankful for the opportunity that CCA provided to allow us to help them (albeit for a short time).  Our time was well organized and planned out, and I believe God was able to use the time and resources effectively.  I was blessed to be a part of the trip, being able to see first-hand what God is doing in Peru, and being able see our students and staff use their gifts to further God's Kingdom.  Our students really have a heart for missions, and I believe this trip will continue to spur in them what is important in life and what it truly important in the reality of what God is doing on a global scale.  

Mariana Figueroa, Missions Trip Lead
“I was so incredibly humbled and touched to be able to witness the students experience personal and amazing life defining moments while in Peru. God met each and every one of us in such a special way. We arrived with hearts expecting to be used, but walked away refreshed, established in his ways, filled with joy, with a clearer understanding of what it is to be loved by HIM. I can honestly say that this group of students and chaperones was God ordained, and full of future pastors, mentors, leaders and great examples to our future generation. I am thankful to have been a part of such an awesome trip!”


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