Cinderella Hits the Big Stage at CCA

The CCA Drama department pulled off the “Impossible” once again! With fifty-five middle and high school students wearing over one hundred costumes, carrying dozens of props, learning songs and dances - from ballroom to tap -  this was the grandest musical CCA has ever seen.

The technical crew worked hard behind-the-scenes to create spectacular backdrops, lighting, sound, and special effects. This amazing crew of professionals made the cast look and sound superb. Also working behind-the-scenes was choreographer, Jessica Mireles, who worked tirelessly to create and teach the many dance numbers in the show. Priscilla Mellado, assistant director, helped to fine-tune many of the songs and scenes. Monique Van Der Ziel was the stage manager, ensuring the entire show ran smoothly.

The show began with the incomparable Zaria Lugo, playing the Fairy Godmother, setting the stage for this beloved fairy tale. From there, we met the beautiful Cinderella (Amanda Alvarado) and the handsome Prince (Josiah De Vera). As the ensemble entered, the excitement grew, as the Herald (Harry Llamas), sang, “The Prince is Giving a Ball”. Each time the stepfamily graced the stage, there was hilarity, with stepsisters Joy (Sasha Cepeda) and Grace (Tiahra Nelson) and Stepmother (Eliana McGee) showing off impeccable comedic timing. The “Stepsisters Lament” and “A Lovely Night” were showstopping songs in each performance. The lovable King (Ray Fletcher) and strong-willed Queen (Pam Andujo) rounded out this terrific cast, adding maturity and depth to the tale.

“My favorite part of the show,” said Amanda Alvarado (Cinderella), “was being able to play a role that I have always wanted to play. A princess. All your life as a little girl you dream of being able to be a princess and I am so thankful that I actually had the opportunity to make that dream come true.”

Prince Charming, Josiah De Vera, said, “I learned to have self-confidence. No matter what the outcome is, if you are confident, people will recognize your hard work.”

Director Krista McGee is “beyond proud” of this cast. “Not only were the performances phenomenal,” McGee said, “but the cast itself reflected unity and kindness and Christlike love from auditions through the final curtain call. They were a blessing to direct.”

Cast of Cinderella



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