Seek Week and Service Day at Calvary

“What did you do at school today?”

“I fed the homeless”

“I played piano for the elderly”

“I made food for parents of sick children”

Not the typical answers. But this is not the typical school. Along with Superior Academics, Calvary Christian School is also passionate about training students in Servant Leadership with an overall focus on Simply Jesus.

Each semester, CCA offers a “Seek Week” where there are daily chapels and a Service Day at the end of the week. The chapels are designed to remind students of their purpose: to know God and to love Him with their whole hearts. Time is dedicated to prayer, confession of sins, and restoration of broken relationships. One young man, who prefers to remain anonymous, said God convicted him of his selfishness and challenged him to be more others-centered.

This year, the final chapel of Seek Week ended with a foot washing. “It was such a humbling experience,” senior Colleen Aycock said of the foot washing. Students were encouraged to reach out to their classmates and wash their feet as a symbol of the servant-mindset that Jesus taught. There were hugs, tears, and even laughter as the students participated in this experience. It was a beautiful picture of Servant Leadership.

The final day of Seek Week, the students were sent out in their small groups to serve the community. Isaac Escamilla, a junior at CCA, was part of a group that visited the homeless, offering them food and prayer. Isaac was moved when he saw “little kids who were barefoot and dirty.” As a member of the missions team that will go to Cuba in March, Isaac was given a glimpse of the global ministry he will have while also realizing that there is plenty of ministry right here in our own backyard.

Another junior, Ray Fletcher, was part of a group that served at a local church. He was encouraged in his Service Day to remember that the body of Christ, though we may worship in different locations, is truly united.

Other groups served at public schools, the Ronald McDonald House, Boys and Girls Clubs, and more. Even the personal interaction with other CCA students was an opportunity for growth and service, as senior Jake Matsumoto discovered. His group was paired with a group of middle school boys for their service day. The older boys were a blessing to the leaders and had an opportunity to lead by example as they went out into the community.