Fundraising Opportunities 


Participating in the below programs is a very easy way of supporting CCA,
without spending an extra cent! They are powerful fundraising opportunities
and we hope that every family will sign up.


Calvary Christian Academy - Group ID: 154562666

Hundreds of retailers participate in the eScrip program and when you make purchases from these retailers, with credit cards that have been securely registered with eScrip, the school receives a percentage automatically (anywhere from 2-15%, depending on retailer). Your purchases will not change in price, nor will your discounts be affected. This is a nationwide fundraising program for schools, churches and other organizations.

Enrolling is Easy:

  • Visit and then click the "New? Sign Up" link.

  • Sign in and identify Calvary Christian Academy (Group ID: 154562666) as the organization you’d like to support.

  • The eScrip program allows you to securely register your debit/credit cards and phone numbers you use where you shop local or online and a percentage of your purchases go automatically to our school – nothing else for you to do!

Grocery store purchases have been one of our top contributors. Other participating merchants can be viewed on the website. Your purchase contributions are available for you to view online, allowing you to see how much you are donating to CCA just by signing up.

If you do any online purchases, follow the eScrip Online Mall link to let the merchant know you’d like them to support CCA. You pay exactly the same amount as you normally would shopping, but because of your purchase, an additional contribution comes to Calvary Christian Academy!


Vons Club Card

Calvary Christian Academy - Group ID: 154562666

Shop at Vons to earn money for CCA. Renew or sign up with your Vons Club Card today!

  • Go to eScrip to renew your Vons Club Card every year.

  • If you are new to registering your Vons Club Card, click on "Sign Up" at Note that your Vons Club Card is not your telephone number, but can be obtained by calling 1-877-723-3929.

  • Enter Calvary Christian Academy's Group ID: 154562666

When renewing, be sure to renew between Aug. 1st and Nov. 1st for uninterrupted contributions! eScrip is FREE, easy, and all you need to do is sign up and shop at your favorite Vons store. Don't forget to ask your family, friends, and neighbors to enroll too!

Ralphs Community Contribution Program

Calvary Christian Academy - Code #93152

If you enroll in the Ralphs Community Contribution Program, Ralphs will gladly make a contribution to CCA on your behalf each time you use your Ralphs rewards Card. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to and either Sign In or Create an Account to register your Ralphs rewards Card.

    • You will need your Ralphs rewards Card number (not your tel. no.) to register. It can be obtained at 1-800-660-9003.

  2. Scroll to the page bottom and click "Community Contribution" under "Services"

  3. Scroll down and select the "enroll" button, under "Participant"

  4. Our organization is: Calvary Christian Academy - Code #93152. Select our school and save your changes.

Ralphs contributions end August 31 and must be renewed each year, beginning September 1. Be sure to ask your family, friends, and neighbors to enroll too!

Target - Take Charge of Education®

Calvary Christian Academy - School ID: 113748

When you enroll in the Take Charge of Education® program, Target will donate up to 1% of your REDcard® purchases to CCA. Here's how to enroll:

  1. If you don't already have a REDcard®, you will need to apply for one first.

  2. After you have your REDcard®, visit or call 1-800-316-6142 to designate CCA.

  3. CCA's School ID is 113748. If you visit the web site in the previous step, it can be entered under the "By Target School ID" heading.

Grandparents, alumni, friends and neighbors are all welcome to participate in the program. The more people we involve, the harder the program works for our school. If you're already participating, thank you! You can check out CCA's progress anytime at

Office Depot - 5% Back to Schools Program

CCA's 5% Back To Schools ID Number: 70006755

  1. Shop at Office Depot for your school and office supplies.

  2. Present CCA's 5% Back To Schools ID number – 70006755 – when you shop online, over the phone or at your neighborhood Office Depot store. (Should you not have the # on you when shopping, no problem, just ask the sales clerk to please locate the # for you.)

  3. Office Depot will offer our school credits equal to 5% of the qualifying purchases in the form of an Office Depot Merchandise Card that can be used towards FREE supplies!

Learn More: Office Depot's 5% Back to Schools Program

Box Tops for Education

You can earn cash for CCA by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. Box Tops also offers many easy ways to earn even more cash for our school online. Please visit for more info (and for coupons for your family!)

Twice a year (spring & fall) CCA holds a contest for the classroom that brings in the most Box Tops. So throughout the year keep a jar near your kitchen trash and before throwing out that box check to see if there is a Box Top to clip. (There are Box Top squares to clip on boxes of all sorts of items like: Ziploc Bags, Bisquick, Gold Medal Flour, Cheerios, Nestle Juicy Juice boxes, and so many more.) Check it before you chuck it! Come time for the school contest your child will have loads of Box Tops!

Don't forget to tell the grandparents to be clipping their Box Tops throughout the year too!

Printer Cartridge & Cell Phone Recycling

Bring in all of your empty inkjet or laser printer cartridges and old cell phones to be recycled. Not only is this a profitable fundraiser for the PTF, but it also helps save our environment too! Look for the bin at front office.

Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions or problems regarding the above programs, please contact CCA's Parent-Teacher Fellowship.

Thank you for your support of CCA Royal Knights!!!