Preschool Curriculum 

Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; Guard it well, for it is your life.  Proverbs 4:13

We have been extremely blessed and fortunate to use the Christian based A Beka Book curriculum. For years now, we at the Calvary Christian Academy Preschool have found A Beka’s teachings to be excellent and our families have enjoyed and seen the fruit of this curriculum. Thousands of Christian schools around the world successfully use the A Beka Book curriculums, which are based on sound scholarship, common sense, and the Word of God. The following are the books used in each of the preschool classrooms:

Two-Year Olds:

  1. Learning Numbers with Button Bear: Button Bear helps children listen, follow directions, and practice eye-hand coordination as they learn number concepts 1-10.
  2. Child Art for 2’s: Coloring Sheets for alphabet and daily lessons.
  3. Arts and Crafts with Button Bear: Art craft for each week, learning to cut and color within the lines. They learn to enjoy art as they develop their motor skills.

Three-Year Olds:

  1. Letter and Sounds: Is a beginning ABC book for young children. Each new letter is introduced by an animal alphabet friend which helps the children recognize the letter as well as learn the letter’s sound. It also is designed to teach early writing skills.
  2. Child Art for 3’s: Designed to help children learn colors and shapes, follow directions, and develop eye-hand coordination. It features seasonal, patriotic, religious, health, safety, and science pictures.
  3. TouchMath: Introducing shapes, patterns, counting, and numbers 1 - 9 using touch and count. 

Four-Year Olds:

  1. ABC-123: Introduces number concepts and the writing of numbers 1-20. Children enjoy counting the objects on the number sheets and coloring the pictures. The phonics pages provide guided activities in the following area: short and long vowel sounds, simple consonant sounds, blending of consonants and vowels, and words containing one and two vowels.
  2. ABC Writing Tablet: Learning to write the alphabet in cursive.
  3. Writing with Phonics K4: Correlated with basic phonics sounds to help children learn phonics as they practice correct writing formation.
  4. Readiness Skills K4: Features coloring pages, directed art pages, and other activities designed to aid a young child in developing writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and listening and thinking skills.
  5. Art Projects K4: Children enjoy art as they develop the motor skills needed to draw, color, cut, and paste. The monthly projects introduce young children to basic art and craft concept and correlate with academics, Bible teaching and the seasons.
  6. TouchMath: Introducing shapes, patterns, counting, and numbers 1 - 9 using touch and count.